How do I book a session?
Contact me via phone or e-mail to schedule a shoot. Once availability is confirmed, you will need to fill out a Client Contract and pay a $100 (non-refundable) retainer to hold your session date.  Additionally there is a Questionnaire for you to fill out to help us begin planning our session together - they are located under the Studio 120 tab on my website.


How many images will I receive?
It depends on which session you purchase.  Sessions packages range from 10-40 images.


How long will it be before I can see my images?
Sneak Peeks are usually available within a day or two of the shoot via Facebook and Instagram. Please “Like” Studio 120 Photography on Facebook and follow on Instagram to see your images as soon as they are ready! Most on-line galleries are ready to view within 2 weeks of the shoot.


How long before I receive access to my image files?
Digital files are usually available for download around 2 weeks from the session.  USB drives may take an additional two weeks to receive. The digital files you receive are high resolution digital image files intended for print, these images do not contain my logo although all online images do.


Is there any paperwork that I need to fill out?
Yes. I have a Client Contract for you to fill out.   The Client Contract gives me permission to use your images online to promote my business. Your images will not be sold or used for other purposes.  It also covers cancellation policies and product delivery timelines.


Can I post images from the session online?
Yes, please do!  You will have several options for online sharing!  By “tagging” yourself or “sharing” the images from my Facebook page and Instagram page, the images will appear on your timeline!    Online viewing galleries can also be posted onto your Facebook timeline or you can e-mail the online gallery link to friends and family to share the images!  Any images displayed online need to have my logo on them. The Studio 120 Photography logo is there to protect against copyright infringement and as a sight source for potential referrals.   Please do not crop or modify the image to omit the logo.


What do I wear?
Once you book a session, I will send you a style guide to help you create the perfect look for your session!