Portrait Party!

It's Summa-Time, Summa-Time, Sum, Sum, Summa-Time! Summa- TIIIME! 

Summer is such a fun time…schedules are usually a bit more relaxed, sun-kissed skin, freckles at their peak and PARTIES!


I am offering a new portrait session for the summer!  Portrait Parties!

Think along the lines of Scentsy, Arbonne, Young Living, even Tupperware! You host a party, invite your friends…I come and take portraits of the kiddos….the more they buy, the more the host gets for free!

Here are the details!

Session style is “personality portraits/expression portraits”!  One kid at a time on a white backdrop, just focusing on their faces and all those cute expressions!

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The host schedules and invites friends over for a party!  Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to plan for food/activities…no rules on my part there… It just needs to be a minimum of 5 guests (with children of course) that purchase the base Mini Session Package ($150 / 4 images - more details below) and the host gets the session free!!

If more people come, great!  The host receives a $25 credit towards a full priced session for each additional guest that books as well as additional credits for guests that upgrade their package! The more they spend, the more credit you get towards a future- full priced session!




This Portrait Party Mini Session Package includes:

-4 digital images that individually edited and enhanced (selected from a proof gallery after the session) Images are provided in both color and black and white!

-A square formatted digital image with 4 images in a collage - great for printing and hanging in home!

- A “SCRL” reel of selected images from session for sharing on social media.

-Selected digital images are delivered via Dropbox for download and personal use - there is no physical product with the session (although they are available for purchase).

-Note, that unedited and RAW images are never released.  Proof gallery images that are not selected for editing are purged. 

Additional images can be purchased from the session as well if they want more images!  Pricing is $30 per image or sets of 4 / $100! 


It’s okay if they have multiple children, they will each be photographed separately, but the package only includes 4 images - so they have to keep that in mind! 

This is just for individual kids - one at a time, no group photos…so sibling shots together…this is just to feature each kiddo on their own!

Interested!  Send me a message today and let’s do this!!