Themed Session and Cake Smash 


I design a LOT of cake smash sets…and a lot of time and planning go into designing them and curating the props to make them unique and special…as a result, I have a LOT of props. Many that I have used only once and I would like to use them again!

SO, my hoarding problem, is your benefit!

I am offering a $150 discount on any of the following Themed Session or Cake Smash Sessions that I have ready to go!

Set may not be "exact" same, but pretty close!

Contact me to get scheduled!

1V3A00231V3A0023 SOTP0004 2SOTP0004 2 SOTP0004 3SOTP0004 3 SOTP0004 5SOTP0004 5 SOTP0004 6SOTP0004 6 SOTP0004SOTP0004 SOTP0005 2SOTP0005 2 SOTP0006 2SOTP0006 2 SOTP0006 3SOTP0006 3 SOTP0006SOTP0006 SOTP0007 2SOTP0007 2 SOTP0007 6SOTP0007 6 SOTP0008 copySOTP0008 copy SOTP0009 2SOTP0009 2 SOTP0009 3SOTP0009 3 SOTP0009 4SOTP0009 4 SOTP0012SOTP0012 SOTP0013SOTP0013 SOTP0014SOTP0014 SOTP0067SOTP0067 SOTP0089SOTP0089 SOTP0114SOTP0114 SOTP0120SOTP0120 SOTP0130 2SOTP0130 2 SOTP0140SOTP0140 SOTP0141SOTP0141 SOTP0148SOTP0148 SOTP0157SOTP0157 SOTP0159 2SOTP0159 2 SOTP0166SOTP0166 SOTP0204SOTP0204 SOTP0222SOTP0222 SOTP0233SOTP0233 SOTP0380SOTP0380 SOTP0648SOTP0648 SOTP2652SOTP2652 SOTP3159SOTP3159 SOTP8143 copySOTP8143 copy